Beautiful visual merchandise is the secret to a successful promotion. As such, it would be helpful to have a clear idea of how you want your display to look like. So, if you need a new point of sale display design idea, you are on the right page. Check out this mind-bending POS display from Hongu.

We spotted this beautiful POS window display in China, and we can see why many people are mesmerized by it. Hongu is promoting its elegant bags with an interesting and mind-boggling point of sale display design.

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Based in Huadu District Guangzhou, China, Hongu is known for its superb quality leather bags for women. The brand combines style, taste, and luxury, which is evident in their products and shop displays.

From afar, you will see an abstract red display. However, the shimmering detail at the center of the display is what makes the display eye-catching

Here’s a video showing its mechanism:

The bespoke POS display is made up of several layers of what seemed like a silhouette of a Russian doll. The moving part is convexed, with layered detail, so it reflects light nicely, making the display mesmerizing. This part of the window display is well-lit, so the products look all high-end and expensive.

The novelty of Hongu’s POS window display is its strong point. It is well-thought-out and attracts people to come to the store. It is a breath of fresh air to see something as cool and unique as this POS display. Indeed, it served its main purpose- to attract people to the store and convert walk-bys to sales.


What an Effective Point of Sale Display Design Can Do for Your Company

Drive Impulse Purchase: The goal of having a POS window display is to attract customers and drive impulse purchases. The beautiful visuals play a vital role in encouraging people to visit their shop and make the purchase.

Uphold Brand Image: Decorating your store windows with unique POS displays and props would certainly help your store stand out even more. It is the first impression a customer will get from a business establishment. Therefore, a well-designed or well-curated in-store display will surely uphold a company’s good reputation.

Raise Brand Awareness: Are you promoting a new product? Do you want to raise awareness on certain social issues? Using a POS window display could be a simple yet effective way to get your message out there.

Indeed, a beautiful custom POS display could make a huge difference in your promotional campaign. Design and functionality are what we are looking for in a good merchandise display, and Hongu did it right!

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What makes a good point of sale display design?

An effective point of sale display design should be eye-catching to pull in customers. It would also be great if the display enhances interaction between brand and customers.

Should I use a point of display for my business?

A POS display is always a great idea to promote your products. It allows you to showcase your products in the most strategic spots in your store. So, yes, a POS display can tremendously help improve your promotions.

How large should your POS display be?

The size and shape depend on the products you are selling and the floor space. As such, it is important to consult a professional designer to help you make a suitable POS display for your in-store promotions.

What is the minimum order requirement in China for POS displays?

The MOQ depends on the style, materials, and of course, complexity of the design. The manufacturing and shipping services may also affect the price. Get in touch with a sourcing agent in China to learn more about your options.