Glenfiddich is encouraging their customers to “Celebrate the Occasion” with a glass of Scotch whiskey. They are currently promoting their Grand Cru collection, which, according to their website “encapsulates the very spirit of luxury and craftsmanship of Glenfiddich.” And the brand successfully conveyed this through their luxurious branded liquor display.

Custom Liquor Display

Branded Liquor Display

There so many luxury products being sold at airport shops that can catch a shopper’s interest. You do not want your products to be pushed aside. You want them to stand out. What better way to do this than using a promotional display that can highlight all the positive attributes of your product.

We absolutely love Glenfiddich’s POS display, drinking glasses, and branded ice bucket. The ice bucket, and glasses come in gold finish, which gave them a luxurious feel. The marketing display is also remarkable because it was made in the shape of a food service trolley in black and gold. The whole display commands attention and the colors used exude class and quality.

So here are liquor marketing lessons we would like to share with you to help you plan your next move.


Glenffiddich Branded Liquor Display: Why We Love It


From their black and gold trolley to their golden drinking glasses and ice bucket, it is clear that they are targeting high-end customers. The gold print stands out against the black background and the gold print with “Grand Cru” inscribed n it makes the whole setup look so expensive.

2. Gold Ice Bucket and Drinking Glass

The gold ice bucket features their iconic stag logo while the drinking glasses have tiny leaves laser engraved on them. These subtle details make them look elegant and high-end. The gold glasses and ice bucket added a luxurious feel that customers will love.

Custom Liquor Display

Branded Liquor Display

3. Smart POS Display Design

Their POS display is a branded trolley that is used in restaurants and hotels. It suits the promotion because it reminds one of the excellent services at high-class hotels. And their “Celebrate the Occasion” tagline completes the “luxurious” image they are going for.

4. Relatable Tagline

Don’t we all love to celebrate special events? Glenfiddich’s tagline makes people think that every day is worth celebrating with a glass of whisky. The front and upper part of the trolley display also feature their tagline. This is an effective call to action because everyone is celebrating something every day. So, if you happen to forget your anniversary, Glenfiddich’s tagline might remind you of it. And what better way to celebrate special occasions than clinking your glasses with your loved ones?

5. Visual Appeal

Glenfiddich did a great job presenting their products as high-quality through their branded liquor display. The backdrop with gold bursts framed the glasses perfectly, directing the attention of customers to the products on display.


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