This premium POP display showcase frames Courvoisier’s cognac bottle, presenting it to customers as a high-quality beverage option. Premium materials make the cognac look like a prized artifact on show. This encourages shoppers to look closer at the glass bottle and appreciate the craftsmanship involved.

Premium POP Display

Premium POP Display

What we like about this premium POP display:

Premium materials: Using premium materials like wood and glass emphasize Courvoisier’s premium brand image. While these materials are not cheap to integrate into a display, they are worthwhile for brands like Courvoisier.

Appropriate colors: Gold is a good choice for a premium POP display. Many link this color to notions of wealth and status. Elsewhere, purple is known as the color of royalty. When combined, the impression is one of heritage and prestige. Moreover, both shades complement the amber color of the cognac nicely.

On brand: Brands who sell goods at a high price tag must justify this with marketing that presents their products as being a part of an aspirational lifestyle. Gold and deep purple also appear on Courvoisier’s packaging design. This premium POP display is therefore very on brand.

Interesting design: The display’s design repeats patterns from Courvoisier’s label behind the bottle. This maintains the interest of shoppers.

Showcases the product: A wooden plinth with a LED light beneath illuminates the bottle. The bottle has also been backlit. As such, Courvoisier is able to capture the eye of passersby and show off their product in its best light.

Courvoisier – no stranger to creative marketing:

Courvoisier was founded in 1835 and is made in the Charente region of France. This is just ten minutes from the town of Cognac, after which the variety of brandy is named.

Courvoisier’s colorful brand history has even resulted in a dedicated museum, located in the company’s chateau. Tourists flock to this location as it features artifacts from Napoleon, a known Courvoisier fan.

As a brand which has maintained its popularity for over 150 years, it would be easy for Courvoisier to play it safe with their drinks marketing. While the wooden display showcase featured is quite traditional, Courvoisier’s marketing is engaging and innovative. This is great to see, and a departure from other heritage brands which balk at the thought of engaging with new media technology.

The brand produced the first ever television ad for a cognac. What’s more, in 2009 they stepped it up, making the first ever 3D advert which aired in cinemas before the blockbuster film Avatar.

Courvoisier has even partnered with designers such as Vivienne Westwood to keep their drinks fresh in everybody’s mind – and glass.

From sensory marketing to iPhone apps, Courvoisier understands how creative marketing can benefit a brand.

Premium POP Display

Premium POP Display

What’s a POP display – and how can it help your brand?

A premium POP display – or point of purchase – is promotion which appears beside the item for sale.

Typically, POP’s were found near cash registers but are now located all around a store. Think of these as a silent salesperson, guiding customers with their selections to improve conversion.

Think about the fact that 70% of purchases are not made until a customer enters a shop. Brands should take every opportunity to promote their product, and an in-store display is an extremely effective way of doing so.

Just signage alone can enhance sales – a recent survey found that displays with POP signage outperform those without by 20%. Even more curious is the fact that regular prices items outperformed those on sale by 18% when it had a sign and the regular items did not.

ODM has an impressive track record of designing and producing displays. We can help you every step of the way and guarantee a final product which is relevant, engaging and effective. Feel free to place an inquiry today!

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