What’s better than a bottle of Cognac? A giant bottle of Cognac! Louis Royer have certainly made the perfect in store display to advertise their OX range. This eye catching bottle perfectly represents the classic elegance of Louis Royer while bringing the product straight to the customers attention.

Louis Royer was founded in 1853 when Royer decided to start up his own cognac business, quickly growing and developing among the international community. Still being developed in the cellars where he grew up, Louis Royer Cognac has progressed massively, expanding it’s markets and production size. Nowadays you can find the fantastic cognac brand all over the world, offering a great luxurious taste in seven different products.

In Store Display Cognac Bottle by Louis Royer

In Store Display Cognac Bottle by Louis Royer

What makes this a great in store display:

  • Attention – Due to it’s size and appearance the giant OX cognac bottle is very eye catching and can successfully draw attention – almost leaving customers to question whether it is a real bottle.
  • Attraction – Keeping up with the luxurious image of cognac, the giant bottle represents the Louis Royer lifestyle at its fullest. Using marble as the base, engraved with the infamous name and even a signature carved into the glass; attracting a more premium market.
  • Interaction – With both the features of being attractive and attention grabbing this display creates the perfect balance of customer interaction that makes them want to see what Louis Royer has to offer, in particularly their OX range of Cognac as creates the desire to explore the in store display and the actual product next to it.

This is a fabulous in store display that truly represents the brand and Cognac in general. Here at ODM we love creating large in store displays as well as other promotional ideas. If you are interested in creating your own display or providing a promotional gift then contact us today for a quote. We would be happy to help.


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