Louis Royer constantly push the boundaries when it comes to finding ways to stand out on store shelves. Here are a few of our favourites:

This blog is a further example, with the use of premium promotional casing.

Stand Out On Store Shelves

Stand Out On Store Shelves – Louis Royer

They stand out from their competitors with the use of a trophy-style high quality piece of casing. Proudly imprinting the brands name and including a classy signature on the glass board, this is a brilliant example of how to stand out on store shelves.

How Can I Stand Out On Store Shelves?

  • Think different. It is essential to think outside the box when considering ways to stand out. The wow-factor will help generate positive word of mouth and potentially increase brand awareness.
  • Give incentive. Whether it be using a gift with purchase, a promotional giveaway or as a corporate gift it is important to find ways to add value and purchasing incentive for a potential consumer.
  • Back your brand. It is crucial to align with brand themes and offer a clean and clear design to further the notion of your brand.
  • Target your market. Whoever your target market is, make sure that you adapt and target them. This can aid with customer retention and help with creating a faithful customer base.
  • Be relevant. Think of methods that will support your brand and your product offering, whilst keeping with current seasons and trends.

Overall, acting innovatively when considering ways to stand out on store shelves can be hugely efficacious for your brand.

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Here are five extra examples of how to stand out on store shelves: