Cognac brand Louis Royer was spotted offering a free sling bag with every bottle of cognac as a gift with purchase (@HK airport duty free).

The Drinks industry is very competitive with companies using a variety of promotional products to help differentiate themselves. Gift with purchase campaigns in particular are a highly effective method of using promotional products to gain shelf space.

Louis Royer is using both promotional bags and unique packaging to differentiate themselves

The sling bag is able to hold up to 2 or 3 bottles of cognac and can be held by the handle or sling.   The bag is also printed with Louis Royer’s logo, to allow for marketing & advertising benefits as they alert consumers to Louis Royer cognac as it is used outdoors.

In addition to the bag, the cognac is also packed in an attractive metal canister, giving off a high perceived value to consumers, helping with brand positioning. Encouraging consumers to trust and purchase the cognac label. The canister is also able to be reused to store items, providing additional utility after the product is bought. Given the Louis Royer label printed onto the canister, consumers would be reminded of Louis Royer brand cognac long after purchase.

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