Wouldn’t it be great if you can receive a promo gift while purchasing your favourite alcohol at the Singapore’s Duty Free Shop? Louis Royer is now offering this classy brown leather baggage bag as promo gift for every purchase of Louis Royer Cognac Extra. A great deal since you can receive a free baggage and getting waived off of duty fee for your alcohol drink. Hurry down and grab this baggage before it runs out of stock!

Take a look at this classy-leathered baggage offered by Louis Royer:

Drown Your Sorrows with Classy Promo Gift

Drown Your Sorrows with Classy Promo Gift

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How will promo gift help boost sales?

Offering promo gift would be able to attract people to make purchases from you so they can receive these free items. People would be more willing to spend when they are entitled to gifts. Some people may even buy your products just to be able to get the free gift that comes along with it. This way, sales would definitely be boosted and profits could be increased for your company.

Offering attractive promo gifts

Promo gifts are very common in the market. Many companies are actively offering promotional products to their consumers to encourage purchases. To be able to stand out from your competitors, you should think of unique yet appealing products to act as incentive for your consumers to want to purchase from you. Louis Royer has taken this point into consideration and offered this classy-looking leather baggage for customers to get when they purchase their bottle of alcohol. With this attractive baggage offered, people would be more attracted to purchase your alcohol especially if they have no idea which alcohol brand to purchase from. When they see that your brand is offering a free promo gift, they may just purchase your brand of alcohol to try it out.


Branding your promo gift would be able to help increase brand awareness and ultimately boosting sales for your company. A simple branding of your company logo on the baggage, it could increase the exposure of your brand name all over the world. When users of this baggage carry them when they go travelling, other people would be able to notice the brand logo on the baggage. This exposure of brand would increase rapidly especially when the baggage are used when travelling to different countries. Remember to brand your company brand logo on the promo gifts before you give them out to your customers!