Want to look astonished? Ensure you do not miss out on Macallan’s marketing gift offered at the Duty Free Shop in Singapore! Simply purchase any Macallan Chivas Regal or Macallan Fine Oak alcohol and this leather baggage is yours to keep. Hurry make your purchase to receive this baggage before it runs out of stock!

Take a look at the Point of Sales to display Macallan’s leather baggage at the Duty Free Shop:

Astonishing Leather Baggage as Macallan’s Marketing Gift

Astonishing Leather Baggage as Macallan’s Marketing Gift

Go ahead of your competitors and offer attractive marketing gifts! Check out some promotions done by other alcohol companies at the Duty Free Shop all around the world:

Offering marketing gift to boost sales

Macallan is now offering this marketing gift to help boost their sales. People tend to be attracted to make purchases when there are incentive products offered as free gifts. These promotional gifts would be able to entice consumers to purchase from you instead of your competitors.

To add on, offering promotional gifts with high utility value would be able to help boost sales further. The black leather baggage is highly usable as people can carry this bag around when they go travelling or even be used to store items at home.

Point of Sales Display

The POS display of this marketing gift is very prominent in the whole store. It is placed right at the entrance and on a very outstanding POS display. People who pass by this DFS shop would definitely be able to notice this marketing gift. With such an attractive marketing gift offered and the POS display, sales would definitely be boosted.


Branding is crucial in increasing brand awareness for your company. A simple branding could result in more people purchasing your products. When users carry this baggage around, other people would be able to notice your brand name that is imprinted on it. Greater exposure of your brand name can be enhanced when people carry your baggage when they go travelling all around the world. Remember to brand your marketing gifts before considering giving them out to your customers!