Looking for some green promotional products? Well, here is a case study on Nestle Singapore’s eco-friendly gift with purchase. This multinational food company is currently offering a NAN Kid N4 GIANT loyalty bag to attract sales and customers. This loyalty bag is a non-woven bag that can only be found at specific Singapore Giant Hypermarkets. Wondering why Nestle has chosen this promotional product, well read on to find out more!

Nestle's Eco-friendly Gift with Purchase

Nestle’s Eco-friendly Gift with Purchase

Benefits of A Green Gift with Purchase

As global warming is on the rise, consumers are getting increasingly conscious about the environment. As such, companies with green promotional efforts are better received than those without. Within the last few years, non-woven shopping bags have been quite a popular environmental friendly product as it has significantly reduces the amount of plastic waste. So no doubt that it would be an ideal promotional product that promotes your company as well as the effort to keep the environment green.

Besides that, these non-woven bags offer a high utility value. They are made of durable materials like non woven PP and recycled polyethylene terepthalate thus making it firm and lasting. It is an ideal shopping bag that doesn’t tears easily. And due to its durability, it allows customers to use it over and over again. A gift with purchase like this will ensure that the customers will use it on a regular basis. As a result, it keeps your brand name in front of your customers and this encourages them to make repeated purchases.

These attractive non-woven bags also make a great advertising tool. It has a large surface area that allows companies to imprint their company logo and brand name. For instance, Nestle Singapore has taken advantage of this large branding area to promote and advertise their children milk powder. As such, whenever customers use this non-woven bag, they are actually providing free advertising on Nestle’s products. Moreover, they come in a wide range of colors and styles to make the most incredible advertising tool for just about any business. Imprinted with your logo and brand name, this non-woven bag would continue to advertise and remind your customers long after they have received it. Besides that with an eye-catching design, the non woven bags would be an inexpensive way to attract some attention to your business.

Most importantly, this non-woven bag is recyclable and environmental friendly. Offering a promotional product like this promotes your company’s corporate social responsibility. It is a good way to market your company and preserve the environment. With this green effort in place, not only will it boost your company’s image, this green product would also brings in more sales and revenue! So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get this non-woven bag today!