ODM is always trying to be aware of the most popular marketing campaigns and promotions. Take a look at this really cool gift with purchase offered by Hardy’s wines at the Hong Kong’s shopping center. Hardy’s offers a great deal – buying a set of 2 bottles of amazing wine you can get a corkscrew for free.

Corkscrew as a gift with purchase

Corkscrew as a gift with purchase

Why gift with purchase works

From a marketing point of view this promotion is just great. Offering 2 bottles of wine as a gift set you increase the average bill of the purchase. A free gift attracts customer’s attention at the store and also has a great influence on the customer’s decision making – whether buy the item or not. The packaging box has an extensive area that can be used for branding. Successfully designed packaging is eye catching and can work as additional ads for you not only in the store, but also when the customer is carrying the purchase home. Also, don’t forget to print your logo on the gift with purchase item and it will greatly increase your brand awareness. This would be a long-term advertisement for your company as in our case the nice corkscrew is going to be used for a long time.

Corkscrew as a gift with purchase

Corkscrew as a gift with purchase

The great option for the marketing campaign is to offer related goods as a gift with purchase. Such items as a corkscrew perfectly complement the bottle of wine or it could be a bottle opener for the beer promotion, or a nice whiskey rocking glass for the whiskey promo.

Everyone likes receiving gifts; therefore gift with purchase is a great marketing tool. Customers will appreciate for useful goods and it will greatly boost sales. ODM would be happy to assist you with sourcing promotional items as well as Mindsparkz would help you to create a unique and creative design for a product or packaging.

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