We found this bottle neck GWP for a popular sauce at a retail store in Thailand. They offer on pack sauce bowl and what seemed like a plastic sauce spoon.

How Bottle Neck GWP Can Boost Your Sales

How Bottle Neck GWP Can Boost Your Sales

All the companies in the world know that a good promotion plan is central to them. The markets are vasts and competition can make some losers. To avoid being one, companies have different tricks to be sure not to lose their clients. Neither want to lose their place in the market. In fact, it is very simple: these tricks often consist in a good promotion strategy. What kind of promotion tool to use, and when to use them? What is a marketing gift, and why is it so efficient?

In the stores, you can find a lot of the same items. For example, the oyster sauce and the soy sauce, in which you dip your dumplings. A vast variety of brands are offering this product. The question is then: how will the customer choose which product to buy? Promotional bottle neckers are a great way to differentiate your brand from competitors!

Why use a bottle neck GWP?

In these pictures, we can see different bottles of sauce. Some bottles offer on pack promotions, some others don’t. These white plastic cups that you can fill up with sauce, and keep with the bottle so that as soon as the customer uses the sauce he can use the container too were given away as Bottle Neck GWP. These are great on pack offers as they are practical and customers are likely to use them every day.

How Bottle Neck GWP Can Boost Your Sales

How Bottle Neck GWP Can Boost Your Sales

Why giving a bottle neck GWP makes you effectively stand up in the client’s mind?

  • Make a deal: the client will feel that he is saving some money on the principal product by obtaining a customer incentive.
  • Practicality: Gifts with purchase are also interesting because of their practical aspect. Choose a product to offer that will be useful. Also, you can offer a product that will make the main selling item even more useful. Which means that the free item will correlate to the item itself in a positive circle.

The GWP can bring you a lot of advantages:

Instead of taking the chance to stay unoticed, using a promotional product helps you distinguish yourself, but also to:

  • Boost your sales: more clients will buy from you because of the two previous reasons.
  • Loyalty: The gift with purchase is attracting because the clients obtains two items he may be needing, (everyone needs a container for his/her sauce). You will fulfill two of his needs, and he will be grateful to your brand. He will associate your brand with a positive feeling, and his loyalty will increase. A survey conduced by Harris interactive showed that 90%of clients would rather buy again from the retailer that offered a GWP to them.
  • Increase the awareness : Insert your printed logo on the object, and the client will see it every time he will use the free gift. His awareness of your brand will increase.
How Bottle Neck GWP Can Boost Your Sales

How Bottle Neck GWP Can Boost Your Sales

  • Get it done very easily: A white plastic cup in a transparent packaging doesn’t require much work or funds to produce. Also at ODM ,we provide you with everything you need to do it.

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