We love Smirnoff’s eye-catching custom beverage display to exhibit their new midnight 100 drink. Sold specifically in Thailand, this stand instantly stands out over other beverage competitor brands. This takes retail sign ideas to the next level. Indeed, Smirnoff’s presentation here takes up a large shelving area and is immediately visible to shoppers down the alcohol aisle.


Smirnoff's Eye-Catching Custom Beverage Display

Smirnoff’s Eye-Catching Custom Beverage Display


Custom display stand is a great way to get people talking. We particularly like this one for its can shaping, which matches the actual product. The Can shaping is a great way to give new customers an idea of what your product is. As this is a can shaped stand mounted to a plastic board, it provides opportunities to change the can display for a fridge.



Smirnoff's Eye-Catching Custom Beverage Display

Smirnoff’s Eye-Catching Custom Beverage Display

This  a great merchandise display and cleanly shows off the Smirnoff products in a unique way.


Why we love this Custom Beverage Display

  • Attracts Customers. Instantly we can see from the pictures that this custom beverage display stands out over the other brands. This is a great way for your existing customers to find your product but also to boost new customers interactions with your product.


  • Finer Brand Remembrance. This display With Custom Beverage Display’s difference makes you stand out. This eye catching display is also very memorable and will leave a lasting impact on the customer.


  • Brand Logo is Well Placed. This will lead to higher brand awareness. There is a lot of space on this display for brand exposure or slogan to send your message across. In the case of this beverage display, it is to promote the Smirnoff Brand & tell customers to drink responsibly.

Where to use a Custom Beverage Display?

  • Grocery stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Events (concerts / sports games)
  • Cinemas


In conclusion, whatever custom beverage display ideas you might want to use, we’re confident that it will help greatly in your brand promotion. So, don’t hesitate to try these proven ideas on your next brand campaign. Along with a custom beverage display, you may use a custom pop display and beverage display rack to maximize brand presence!

Should you have questions or queries, please feel free to reach out to the ODM team. They are experts in manufacturing marketing-related products and tools.


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