Dettol is the trade name for a line of hygiene products. As a brand, it is ranked the 48th most-trusted one in India by The Brand Trust Report 2011. Here is a promo gift by Dettol. Simply purchase Dettol foam and get a set of towels for free. This promotion was spotted at Carrefour in China. This promo gift offers great room for branding as well. When used in the kitchen, printing your logo will help market your brand and serve as a constant reminder to your customers.

Promo Gift Set of Towels by Detoll in Carrefour China

Promo Gift Set of Towels by Detoll in Carrefour China

Why use towel as a promo gift?

This set of towels will definitely come in handy. Furthermore, Dettol has established itself by embroidering its logo on the towels. This creates brand awareness and promotes brand recall in the long run. This is an ideal promo gift.

The best promotional items are the ones that offer quality and function for your target market. These products create convenience in the daily life of the recipient, which will generate a positive response towards your brand. These promotional towels are the ideal item for creating a branding opportunity. People need towels every day to dry off from a shower.

Choosing to imprint on smaller items is not only a wise decision but can also be an affordable way to do some advertising. So if you want to create some larger-than-life advertising, you should truly consider advertising on larger items that will help attract the eye of everyone they come in contact with.

Building up brand recognition is easy when you use promotional products, the only question is now, which ones should you use to make the biggest impression? Lots of small items, a few larger items, or a mix of both? Well, it will depend largely on your marketing strategy and budget.

Just a couple of words about this promotion in Russian for our local followers:

Непропустите возможность получить подарочный набор полотенец от компании Dettol. Плюс ко всему, набор подарочных полотенец высокого качества, поэтому и эффект от промо-акции будет заметен еще долгое время.