Spotted: another gift with purchase promotion is being held by Dettol in the Carrefour outlet of Zhuhai. Spend 60 RMB and above in a single shop and you will receive this ceramic bathroom set!

Dettol GWP Promotion@Carrefour

As you can see, the set includes a toothbrush holder, a soap dispenser and a soap dish. The set looks nice and it will be a great addition to the household, so customers will  fight to reach this minimal amount to get this promotional gift. It is a really smart marketing strategy.

Moreover, the soap dish has a Dettol logo, which will help to create brand awareness and enhance brand recall. To maximize the effect, it would be a good idea to have all the items of the set branded with the logo.

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Here’s a brief summary in Russian:

Удачный маркетинговый ход от марки Dettol: всем своим покупателям, приобредшим продукцию на сумму от 60 юаней, Dettol дарит керамический набор для ванны. Предложение действует в торговом центре Carrefour в Чжухае. Согласитесь, довольно дорогой подарок, который значительно увеличит воспринимаемую полезность товара.