Huge summer blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man has just been released worldwide and is already topping the box office. Schick are now giving out promotional codes in their Slim Twin and Slim Twin 2 disposable razors. Collect two and you can receive a free cinema ticket to see The Amazing Spider-Man!

This is for a limited time only or while stocks last offer. So get your Schick disposable razors before the offer ends.

Schick Razor Promotional Gift

Although it’s great to see a movie (which is even better when it’s for free!), a cinema ticket can only be used once and it’s no fun watching a film on your own. Something that would last and be substantially more significant would be, say… a Spider-Man toy or figurine. A figurine would be timeless, great if you’re a collector or enthusiast. If not, other merchandise, such as clothing and keychains would also be some fantastic freebies.

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