Not So Average Mama were giving away an ingenious promotional gift, that is the Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler Bin. It is guaranteed that any home owner will find great interest and use in it!

Recycler bin giveaway- Not So Average Mama US

The world is dertermined to make recycling the way foward. Of course, we are playing our part to help this matter, but the problem lies in the way that we store the recyclable waste in our homes. The appearance of them stored untidily is often unsightly and cluttered.

This promotional item will solve your dilemma. It neatly attaches to the inside of the kitchen cabinet door which can be removed and easily carried to the recycling bin outside. Furthermore it is durable, machine washable and to top it off, made out of recycled materials. How much more eco-friendly can you get for a promotional product?

Those in interest of this £15.99 device must be a Not So Average Mama reader and enter through their site. Customers will be delighted to know that not only are they improving the appearance of their home but also contributing that little extra to the environment.

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