A known Thai sauce brand unveiled its newest marketing campaign to the public recently. Since they are popular for their flavorful sauces, they’ve thought of a great promo gift idea. The Thai brand introduced their newest promotional sauce bowl as a bottle neck gift to their avid consumers.

Once a customer buys a bottle of their favourite chili sauce, the Thai brand automatically rewards the customers of the free promotional sauce bowl. Consumers may avail of this special offer from various shops across Thailand. This unique bottle neck gift entices customers to buy the product. Hence, people will grab their product over other brands.

Promotional Sauce Bowl as a Bottle Neck Gift from a Thai Brand

Promotional Sauce Bowl as a Bottle Neck Gift from a Thai Brand

These types of unique promotional products are very much popular amongst marketing experts. These products are simple, functional, and cheap. Thus, we assure you that this promotional sauce bowl as a bottle neck gift is an effective marketing campaign tactic. Below is another good example of a personalised promotional and marketing gift item that is not hard on the budget.

Why do we love this promotional sauce bowl as a bottle neck gift?

  • Functional – Functionality is one of the first things people look for in a product. And since sauces and condiments are a staple of many Thai cuisine, many will find this freebie useful. People will automatically see the convenience of getting this free item. It will convince consumers to buy the product.
  • Cost – effective – Most marketing campaigns need a tremendous amount of money. It directly puts a dent in your budget. But with these kinds of item, anyone could execute a bottle neck gift promo without breaking your bank. Indeed, it’s one of the most proven and cost-efficient marketing strategies there is.
  • Customisable – These items are highly customisable. The colours and design may be patterned from the dominant colours of the brand, etc. Shapes and sizes may also vary depending on your branding requirement. The only limit is your imagination.

In conclusion we believe that a bottle neck gift idea is a good marketing strategy. If executed properly, brands may gain rapid brand exposure, thereby stimulating sales and getting higher profitability.

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