Have sales been slumping due to the poor economy and tough competition in your industry? The poor economy is a factor that cannot be helped. However, it is possible to get ahead of your competitor! One way is to introduce a gift with purchase.

Read on to find out a case study on a gift with purchase that has helped Dencare to stand out from their competitors!

Dencare is currently offering a gift with purchase. With every purchase of two tubes of toothpaste, a consumer would receive two complimentary mugs. The mugs have cartoons printed on them and they are meant to depict members of a happy family. This promotion was found in Walmart, China.

Dencare (重庆登康口腔护理用品股份有限公司) is one of the 5 biggest oral care companies in China. Their products include a wide range of toothpastes as well as toothbrushes.

Gift with Purchase Helps to Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction

Gift with Purchase Helps to Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction

Why offer a gift with purchase?

There are so many reasons why you should be offering a gift with purchase. Let me share two of the many reasons with you.

Firstly, a gift with purchase helps to increase sales. Sales are important to every company. A gift with purchase is a great way to boost sales. The logic behind this is simple. Every consumer wants to get the most out of their purchase. When they see that there is a complimentary item with the purchase of another, they are more likely to go for it as compared to an item that does not have a gift. This would increase sales revenue for the company. And when this increase in revenue is enough to offset the cost of the gift, profits are made.

Secondly, a gift with purchase helps to increase customer satisfaction. Everyone would like their customers to be satisfied buyers and are constantly trying to achieve customer satisfaction. One way to achieve this customer satisfaction is to offer a gift with purchase. Not only does a gift with purchase make a customer feel that their money has been well spent, it also makes them feel valued by the company. In the long run, this customer satisfaction would be beneficial as customers make repeat purchases and customer base increases.

After hearing about the benefits, what are you waiting for? Offer a gift with purchase today!