If you are a Line user, you would definitely recognize some of their most adorable emoticons. Well if you are not, here is some background information about this phone application! Line is a free phone application that allows users to send free SMS. Besides typing a normal SMS, users can send cute and exaggerating emoticons to express themselves. And using this unique attraction, Circle K is collaborating with Line for one of its in-store promotion! This promotion can be found in any Circle K store located in Hong Kong. So if you would like to collaborate with some phone application companies, read on to find out more!

Line emoticon figurines - In-store promotion

Line emoticon figurines – In-store promotion

A brilliant in-store promotion

Circle K has made a smart move on collaborating with Line. Reason being there is already an existing pull factor that attracts and draws customers. Circle K made Line’s emoticons into adorable figurine key rings. This in-store promotion is a great tactic to encourage customers to come back more often. In order, to get their hands on one of this figurines customers are required to get at least 12 stickers in exchange of this gift. And in order to get a sticker, customers need to spend at least $20 and above. As a result, Circle K is encouraging customers to buy more to get more stickers! No doubt that Circle K would experience a sudden boost in sales and revenue!

This marketing gift has a very high ornamental value. Children, ladies or any Line fans would definitely want to get their hands on these Line figurines. So what companies could do is to offer a marketing gift that is cost effective and attractive. For instance, this Line figurine is a cheap option to use. And their popularity definitely adds on to its ability to captivate customers.  It has a unique selling point that appeals to the public! As a result, customers are enticed to purchase at Circle K.