Family Mart and Line in Taiwan are working together to introduce a promotion to all their regular customers!

Now, here is what you need to do –

Step 1: Get a Family Mart bonus points card
Step 2: Accumulate points by purchasing items in Family Mart
Step 3: Alas! You can choose to redeem these freebies either by accumulating the required number of bonus points or just accumulate 4 bonus points and top up some money!

Introducing the different promotional items that Family Mart is giving out!
First of all, we have the Line cup series.

Line Cup Series

And we have the Line pen series.

Line Pen Series

How about some Line plush toys?

Line Plush Toy Series

And lastly, we have the Line sticker series.

Line Sticker Series

These promotional items are not only cute, but also creative and original!

Most importantly, these promotional items are consistent in bringing out the essence of Line products, which is known to be attractive, artistic and innovative.

For any promotional product, remember to brand it with your logo to enhance brand awareness!

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