The idea behind offering a promotional product to our customers is to create brand awareness by attracting new potential customers and trying to retain them. We normally can do this by using a promotional product. For instance, if we think of a standard supermarket chain, their main goal is to throw out their brand name around the places they are located in. Therefore, they could offer their clients a promotional product that is more specifically targeted to youngsters.

Take a look at the promotional product below which is a game that can be used whilst we are in the toilet at home:


In search of a new promotional product that can make a statement

In search of a new promotional product that can make a statement

How does this promotional product help increase our brand awareness?

This promotional product is really creative and unique in its usage as not many people use these type of games when they go to the toilet. This promotional item is really inexpensive which means that it can be purchased in large quantities and can be used as an on-pack promotion too, where customers will purchase a certain item and find this promotional product inside it.

The key of offering a product like this is that not many people in the market are already offering this to their clients and clients love to be treated occasionally as they will feel valued by the brand. Even this promotional product can be used as a giveaway due to its low production cost and high added value.

Supermarket chains would be the most reasonable firm to use this kind of promo as they are known to offer clients with practical promotional products that can become part of clients daily life.

Bored of spending time in the toilet? Why not enjoy yourself with this fantastic promo gift.