Looking for a promotional product that will increase your brand awareness in your establishment? The more products we brand in our restaurant will always help us increase our brand awareness with the public as your brand name is made visible. For instance, in Spain, it is high season for the special dances that go on in different cities, most restaurants have started to use branded kind of promotional items in their bars to gain the public´s attention.

We can see a graphical representation of this promotional product below:

A salty and peppery promotional product!

A salty and peppery promotional product!


How does this promotional product help any brand increase their awareness?

Firstly, as we can see, salt and pepper are used every day in nearly every single dish the restaurant provides its customers. This means it is an item that clients will touch frequently and having our brand logo and name printed attractively will certainly increase the value of the product. In this case, some restaurants have been promoting these very traditional events that is going to happen in June in many towns of the country. What a way of grabbing attention of the people in restaurants, especially bars, as they are the ones that love these kind of typical spanish dances.

Salt and pepper are the kind of products that will always be displayed to the public and people love to see branded products used by restaurants as it proves that they have really invested in their marketing strategy and shows if a restaurant is high-end or not.

People attend to many restaurants in a short period of time and not every single establishment they attend will have a promotional product like this. The ones that will stay competitive are the ones that have invested in marketing products to boost their brand over competitors and obviously the service they provide.

These events in Spain are very popular and the more people that attend the merrier. This promotional product can easily be designed with your own artwork. Ask us for this product with reference 5319.