Customised packaging is a fantastic and unique way to advertise and boost sales for a company. This marketing idea is rarely used to full effect but provides a huge opportunity for more businesses once implemented. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, in particular, is among the brands that utilise this strategy.

Marketing Ideas: Customised Packaging Helps Boost Sales

Marketing Ideas: Customised Packaging Helps Boost Sales

In today’s saturated market where they’re so many identical products, many competitors and overfilled shelves it is becoming more and more difficult to differentiate a product. In order to maintain and increase performance and sales companies need to make their product stand out in the market, customised packaging is one way to achieve this. Particularly for commodities such as coffee its becoming more difficult to grab people’s attention in order to gain sales. This coffee brand has responded to this creating unique packaging with a suitcase enabling it to stand out.

Furthermore, this brand is clearly seeking high-end consumers so by providing a suit-case box that is both unique and luxury will cleverly attract this type client into the purchasing process.

Why Is Customised Packaging a Good Idea?

Not only does packaging protect and stores goods; it is a fantastic way to advertise the product itself. To keep the customer engaged with the product and brand it is important the packaging design is interesting and fresh. Packaging for any product can be diverse therefore there’s a lot of options for customisation. It can offer, especially in this example large spaces to logos and brand name. Some packaging can be used as a POS display or even as a gift with purchase.

Benefits of Customising Packaging

  • Brand Awareness – As mentioned the more unique and interesting the packaging is the more chance the product and the brand as a whole will stand out to customers thus increase its awareness.
  • Brand Perception – Before consumers even set their eyes on the product packaging is what first creates an impression. It is important to the design is perfect fits with the product, as perception is key.
  • Increased Satisfaction – By providing high-quality packaging just like with this coffee brand, will add value to the product, therefore cost-benefit decision process will fall in favour purchasing, even if the price is high.
  • Competitive Advantage – Customised package has the potential to increase differentiation and thus giving the product competitive advance within the market. This is particularly important for brands where it is difficult to compete on price and need other options.


Ultimately, when done effective customised packaging can achieve all the above benefit and as result will increase the company implementing the strategy’s sales and profits.

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