There are many different ways to market your products and increase your brand awareness. One common method used is a gift with purchase. Not only do they help to entice customers, they also provide you with a competitive advantage. Take a look at Nestlé’s promotion! They are offering a health gift with purchase at supermarkets in Hong Kong.

Health gift with purchase

Nestle Boosts Sales and Vitality with Health Gift with Purchase!

Customers will receive a complimentary GOMA knee support with every purchase of a tin of the company’s Carnation HiCal Joint Low Fat milk powder. The formula from the milk powder helps to enable strong muscles, bones and joints while boosting vitality and health.

Why is a Gift with Purchase Promotion effective?

  • Greater Perceived Value: Customers will feel that they are getting more from the company due to the complimentary gift with purchase. It also helps to increase customer satisfaction and boosts brand loyalty. Thus, customers are likely to return and purchase the company’s products.


  • Useful: A gift with purchase is effective in attracting customers as it may be practical to them. For this promotion, the promotional knee support will be useful to customers. This is because it helps to prevent sports injuries, protects knees, ligaments, muscles and bones. It also promotes faster healing of joint aches and sprains. Thus, this gift with purchase complements the milk powder. Both items will be beneficial to the health and wellness of consumers.


  • Boosts Sales: Offering a gift with purchase attracts and encourages customers to purchase your products. It also provides them with an incentive to choose your brand over other brands. This is because customers are more interested in purchasing products that offer greater value for money, such as products that offer promotional giveaways.


  • Shows Appreciation: Offering a complimentary gift with purchase is a great way to thank customers for their continuous support. It also shows that you value their loyalty and creates a positive impression for your brand. Thus, customers will be assured and continue placing their trust in your brand. As a result, this creates customer retention as well.


  • Customisable: You can customise your gift with purchase such that it represents your brand and increases brand exposure. For example, you can do so by including your brand name or logo. In this case, Nestlé collaborated with Goma for this promotion. However, you can design and manufacture your own promotional gift with purchase item.

Health gift with purchase

Nestle Boosts Sales and Vitality with Health Gift with Purchase!

How Can This Be Improved?

Nestlé’s health gift with purchase is definitely a great marketing strategy. When customers see that there is a gift with purchase included with the product, they will be encouraged to purchase it. However, there is room for improvement. For example, a sample of the gift with purchase could be included on the shelf. This allows customers to obtain first-hand information about the product, such as the quality and look of the product. Doing so will also answer any questions they may have about the product. In addition, the words on the packaging are in Mandarin. This may confuse non-Mandarin speaking customers who may not be able to comprehend the words. Thus, including text in English will be useful.



Giving away a gift with purchase is a great way to show appreciation to your customers. In turn, this will enable trust and a better relationship between your brand and your customers. Likewise, you can also be successful with a promotional gift with purchase!


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