Free gift promotion remains a customer favourite amongst the long list of effective marketing campaigns because the free gift with purchase promotions offer something ‘extra’ to customers. Thus, increasing sales and promote brand loyalty. Big brands know that it’s vital to win consumers loyalty.  This why Nestlé, a renowned international brand, offers a custom Ice Shaker for every purchase of its BearBrand Choco Milk. This promotion can be found in major retailers.

The custom ice shaker is neatly packaged as an on-pack gift. Nestlé printed the “Free Ice Shaker” tagline visibly on the front part of the box. This promotional strategy creates positive responses from the customers. Therefore, making this as one of the most effective marketing strategies to date.

Custom Ice Shaker from Nestlé: How Gifts Increase Consumer Loyalty

Custom Ice Shaker from Nestlé: How Gifts Increase Consumer Loyalty

Custom Ice Shaker from Nestlé

Aside from the fact that the custom ice shaker is free, it also has strong points.

  • First of all, the custom ice shaker comes in different designs. It offers design variation. Customers will buy more to collect all designs.
  • Showcasing the custom ice shaker as an on pack gift gives the brand the chance to customised its design. This is fairly evident on the custom retail packaging of the ice shaker.
  • The free product directly correlates to the product itself. The ice shaker is used to create iced concoctions using the chocolate milk.
  • Lastly, the ice shaker is not that expensive; saves you a lot from your marketing budget.
Custom Ice Shaker from Nestlé: How Gifts Increase Consumer Loyalty

Custom Ice Shaker from Nestlé: How Gifts Increase Consumer Loyalty

How these gifts increase consumer loyalty?

Recently, a number of surveys reveal that consumers are more likely to purchase more from a brand after receiving a free gift. This alone proves how effective it is to use such marketing strategy.

When people receive something from a brand this creates a surprising and delightful moment for consumers. Consumers feel that they are actually gaining rebates from all the products they’ve bought. Instantly, they become more loyal to brands that make an authentic effort to ‘give back’ to their patrons.

Overall, Nestlé’s simple take on an industry-favourite retail marketing has so much ingenuity and creativeness. This is a sure way to increase your sales and customer loyalty.

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