Nestle Cerelac GWP - Promotional Meal Container & Spoon

This thoughtful Gift with Purchase Promo by Nestle is now held at all leading supermarket in Singapore. Nestle Cerelac, specialized in baby foods is now offering a free meal container and spoon with purchase of any 2 Cerelac cereals!

All consumers love useful promotional products and this promotional gift definitely hit the spot! This kids Meal Container and Spoon will capture the attention of all consumers due to its functionality. By incorporating the spoon and making it a 2 in 1 promotional item, customers are now able to feed their kids at ease! What we love about this promo gift is the branding on it. Be it containing other baby foods, your logo will remind your customers of your brand and the useful gifts offered.

With such a conventional product offered, it encourages customers to switch their purchase to this brand instead. Contact ODM now and we will help brainstorm some innovative ideas for your next promotional campaign!

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