Nestlé is currently offering Justice League cards by Marvel as a gift with purchase in China. Where can you see this promotion? This promotion is available in all China supermarkets(aEg. Carrefour), buy a box of cereals and you will find the promotional product inside.

Take a look below for this promotion :

Gift with purchase by Nestlé

Gift with purchase by Nestlé

Why did Nestlé choose to offer this kind of gift with purchase ?

Firstly, this form of gift with purchase is rather interesting and exciting especially for the younger ones. What we love about this promotion is the unique strategy that was implemented, a different form of promotion compared to the other brand. Kids enjoy the morning with cereals but it is better for them to find a gift inside the box. Suitable for children of all ages, this gift is definitely one that has the ability to attract their attention. Kids can go to school with it and use it to play with their friends or exchange the cards between us. Nestlé knows how to use this licensed character as a brilliant gift with purchase. Not only will it attract them with this gift, nestle is able to entice young children to the breakfast cereals. Indeed, this gift will surely appeal to parents and kids who will be happy for getting this product.

This kind of product will increase your sales and also promote your brand because  this gift with purchase will encourage costumers to purchase more to collect the series. Nestlé chose this marketing strategy because it is an opportunity to create a partnership with Marvel. Also, this promotional campaign is interesting because it draws massive amount of customers and this increases the influence that Nestlé will have on their potential customers. With such a  product offered, it encourages customers to purchase to this brand instead.

Also, do you know on their French website, they have frequent promotions for their customers during a limited time? Let’s take a look!