Nestle is having a gift with purchase promotion at 7-11 stores around Hong Kong.

For the 2 brands under Nestle, Kit Kat and Fruit Tips a deck of playing cards is given as a free gift on each purchase of HKD$15(USD$1.94) worth of products from either the 2 brands.

Overall, the design of the product is very similar to the actual merchandise with full colour print all around, on the box and cards itself.

Promotional playing cards like these maintain a presence in the hands of the customers due to its durability, at the same time delivering a strong message. 

Other than the usual printing of logo on the cards itself, a suggestion from ODM would be, printing the number value of all 52 cards with other different images, acting as a mini catalogue for the brands and the company.   Could be made very mouthwatering thus encouraging repeat purchase.

On top of that, offering other customisable card games like our proprietary ‘Fetch’ game would be ideal as well.