As part of our ongoing study of promotional products on Chinese market our China Buying office would like to share Yili yoghurt promo at Jiamaishiang supermarket in Shanghai.  The set is retailing at RMB37.5 (USD$5.60) for 12 packets of yogurt.

In this promotion, they are giving away 2 promotional products with each purchase.

  • Key ring plush made of cotton and polyester- Can be used as a bag or mobile phone accessory
  • Simple design Ceramic Cup.

Both gifts are in a matching orange colour, a suitable color for the upcoming Chinese new year – signifying practical and useful.

Yili  = “伊利” / Jiamaishiang “吉买盛”

The lack of branding on these items allow customers to forget easily where they got the merchandise once they are removed from packaging.  ODM suggests silk screen printing of a simple logo at the side of the product, on hang tag or on the base to gain more brand recognition.

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