Match of the Day Magazine

Match of the Day Magazine

Puma is being offered as an awesome gift with subscription! The company is a major sports apparel company that produces athletic shoes, footwear and all other sports merchandise. This company is a popular sports brand that has sponsored a number of footballers like Pelé,EusébioJohan Cruijff and Gianluigi Buffon. Besides that, Puma is also the main sponsor of the famous Jamaican track athlete Usain Bolt. With such a fantastic line up no wonder there are so many loyal Puma fans out there.Ridding on Puma’s popularity, a UK based sports magazine, Match of the Day, is currently offering free Puma gym bags as a gift with subscription. With every successful magazine subscription, applicants stand to receive a free Puma bag!

The Match of the Day Magazine is pack with the latest news and information on the nation’s favourite football game. Loaded with football stars interviews, match results and football gossip, this football magazine is a must-have title for all football enthusiasts.

Match of the Day’s brilliant Gift with Subscription!

Puma Gym Bag - Gift with Subscription!

Puma Gym Bag – Gift with Subscription!

This football magazine is well versed in their promotional efforts. They are aware that, companies need to select a suitable gift that matches their target audience. And this is exactly what Match of the Day has applied in their gift with subscription!

Match of the Day’s customers are mostly football enthusiast. As a result, when customers receive a Puma gym bag they will be more than delighted because Puma is a famous sports brand that has sponsored many football players. Besides that, a branded gym bag also perceives a higher value than any other ordinary gym bag. Hence, this creates a positive feeling on your customers when they receive this gift with subscription.

Furthermore, this gym bag is functional and convenient to carry around. It is a great gift with subscription with  a long product life and high utility value. So what are you waiting for, you these Puma gym bags as your promotional gifts today!