New Zealand body wash company Health Basics are currently running an on pack promo. Each time you purchase one of their hand washes, you will receive a make up mirror as a gift with purchase. This is a prime example of an effective and profitable marketing campaign. Although it is a simple concept, below we will analyse why a similar promotion could be of benefit to your business.

On pack promo - Gift with purchase by Health Basics

On pack promo – Gift with purchase by Health Basics

Why Health Basic’s on pack promo is ticking all the boxes

  • Stimulate sales: Offer someone something for free, and you’ve got their attention. Offering a free gift with purchase like a make up mirror like can be a great way to increase sales. This is due to it adding a considerable amount of value to the initial product offering. Additionally, by including the RRP of the mirror on the packaging, it will really make the customer feel that they are getting value for their money.
  • Customer retention: Many customers will lean towards a company’s products that offer more than others. As a result, correct use of these promos are more likely to make customers stick with your brand in future. Offering a gift with purchase also helps to increase customer satisfaction.
On pack promo - Gift with purchase by Health Basics

On pack promo – Gift with purchase by Health Basics

  • Practicality: It is essential that a gift with purchase offers durability and value, rather than offering a smaller and more perishable gift. Because of this, it will encourage use by others. In this example, the mirror has been made out of plastic, a light and durable material. Additionally, its compact size will make it easy to travel with on-the-go. With good practicality such as this, you can be sure that you are providing the customer with an item that they can get significant use out of.
  • Stand out display: As seen in the picture above, the on pack promo does not simply blend in with the rest of the products on the shelf. Instead, it stands out above the rest. A promo like that can help draw in new and existing customer as soon as they look at what is on offer.

Because of these reasons, it is very clear that an on pack promo can increase your revenues in the long run. It is worth mentioning that on pack promos provide ample room for logo branding, which is crucial to maintaining a respectable brand image. Why not get thinking about an on pack promo of your own?

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