Johnson’s Baby, a brand of worldwide known Johnson & Johnson company, are currently offering a free gift with purchase. With every sale of their baby wash, you will receive a children’s bath toy as a promotional gift. In this blog, we will explain why such a marketing scheme can be of benefit to your business.

Gift with purchase - Promotional bath toy offered by Johnson's

Gift with purchase – Promotional bath toy offered by Johnson’s

Why Johnson’s gift with purchase is ticking all the boxes

  • Pester power: The pester power that children possess cannot be overlooked, as it is a powerful marketing tool as well. This is one of the reasons why brands heavily target the younger generation. It is due to the influence of children have over the parents decision to buy the product, particularly for in-store decisions. In this case, Johnson’s is using a bath toy as a on pack promo to grab the attention of the child. Pester power is an effective way in which to stimulate sales.
  • Brand Image: A gift with purchase can serve to strengthen your brand image. By offering a promotional item such as a bath toy, you increase the value for money that consumer’s are getting. As a direct consequence of this, customer satisfaction will improve greatly. Both of these factors go a long way to supporting your brand image.
Gift with purchase - Promotional bath toy offered by Johnson's

Gift with purchase – Promotional bath toy offered by Johnson’s

  • Impulse purchases – On pack promotions such as this can influence the purchasing decisions for consumers who typically purchase from your competitors. Offering more than what they can will no doubt have a positive influence on impulse purchases and improve your business revenues.
  • Customer Retention: Johnson’s is already a household brand name, however it is just as crucial for them as anyone else that they keep their current customers. By offering a gift with purchase, you can be sure that customers will remain loyal to your brand.

As we can see, a gift with purchase can set your product aside from the rest. There are numerous advantages to a promotional gift such as this, so why you not get involved? Start thinking about your promotional gift with purchases now, and help your business expand!

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