Lego presents free gift with purchase for every new lego movie. This exciting new gift, featured within the movie offers an interesting dimension to the purchasing and product experience.  This marketing technique has been implemented very successfully by Lego due to the selection of implementing a toy into their new venture of movies, this will undoubtedly strengthen their sales overall and long- term profits.


Gift with Purchase - Free with Lego Movie

Gift with Purchase – Free with Lego Movie

Mini-figure as a Free Gift with Purchase – Benefits

Free gift with purchase is a fantastic technique in marketing to make the product more distinct and noticeable within the busy shelves of a store. Mini-figure is a great and relevant gift that not only can be used as a separate product to the movie but is also highly relevant and links perfectly to the product being sold. As a result, Lego will be promoting the brand further.

Furthermore, as both the product and gift are aimed at the same customer (children) this could potentially strengthen the products pester power, the influence of children have over the parent’s decision to buy the product. Children will be lured into the product due to the prospect of acquiring a free toy with the purchase.

This also strengthen as many of Lego competitors will not have used such marketing technique, therefore, the uniqueness of the products is more prominent, creating competitive advantage. Increased satisfaction will also result due to the added value the gift creates and therefore may entice customers to buy more products from the same company, securing longer-term sales.

Overall implementing a marketing strategy such as a gift with purchase can ultimately create competitive advantage and in turn, increase sales.


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