Toilets for the most part are very private and boring areas, but this is changing. Companies are looking for more original display areas in order to catch the customers attention. Here are a few examples of fun new concepts for promotions in mens washrooms.

Here is proof that Promotional items can make anything more fun! As you can see from the picture below this bathroom has installed personal LCD screens at eye level.

Urinals with LCD Screens

The LCD screen can be used to showcase advertising or special promotions. The bathrooms of sports bars could be equipped with these LCD screens in order to allow the customers not too miss a single minute of game play in the emergency of needing to go to the bathroom. A bar could also use these screens to advertise special promotions to customers. This could be a secretive way of getting the message to a select clientèle about a specific promotion.

American Football Urinal Screen

Another option for some fun promotional items in urinals is to customize the urinal screen / blocker. Usually urinal screens are very boring. There are some very fun ones on the market.

The picture to the left here shows a urinal screen which is imitating an American Football field with the end goal zone, the football and the posts. This same model of urinal screen is available for hockey, soccer and could be manufactured for other sports.

The football, soccer ball or hockey puck are attached to the frame of the posts. It becomes like a toy in the urinal. There is also a large area that is entirely customizable. It can be used for printing logos, brand names or sports teams names, mascot or emblems.

Sports Team Customized Urinal Screen

There are other more conventional urinal screens that would be great for bars, restaurants or sports stadiums. As you can see in the picture on the right side there is a picture of a common urinal screen, which is labeled to the New York Yankees. These could be extremely popular with fans of teams.

Sports bars that are dedicated to one sports team could have use for this, or they could use a customized urinal screen with a personal message to bar customers.  These two products are entirely customizable.

They can be made in different shapes according to the dimensions of the urinals. They can be made in any color and with any type of printing, logo, brand names, designs. This is pretty much limitless.

Contact ODMasia for assistance manufacturing and customizing promotional product displays for the washroom or for any other type of product.

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