By choosing Promotional products you can improve brand positioning – create synergy with core products & influence consumers. Rockport is conducting a gift with purchase campaign at its many stores in Hong Kong. Spend HKD$1000 on the new spring/summer 2011 edition footwear and get a free travel bag.

The travel bag is simple, fashionable and meshes well with the new line that Rockport introduced. Many items can be stored in the bag, giving owners great utility. With a limited stock, the bag helps create exclusivity, increasing the desirability of consumers to purchase new footwear in order to obtain the bag.

Promotional travel bag supplier

The bag also plays upon the Rockport’s slogan of walkability by subtly promoting the image of a shoe that is great and comfortable for long walks – A point that Rockport successfully conveys by using this product as a gift with purchase.

The logo is subtly printed onto the lower corner of the bag, allowing for the bag to look fashionable with high perceived value. This helps market the image of Rockport shoes as a desirable item for consumers to own, helping brand positioning.

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