Promotional travel bag

Dove is currently offering a gift with purchase promotion to customers in Singapore. Simply purchase any Dove 1L twin pack body wash and you get a foldable travel bag for free.

The bag has a simple logo at key positions of the bag & further customisation by matching Dove’s signature colours. In terms of Utility, the bag offers the ability to store numerous items for travel. However, it retains overall simplicity in design and this also helps to reduce costings whilst retaining higher perceived value for this promotion..

This attracts customers who travel frequently as it allows them to bring along necessities such as body wash in the bag, providing synergy between the promotional item and Dove body wash.

When used outdoors by consumers, Dove would be able to benefit subtly in terms of marketing and advertising due to its design.  As an incentive product offered with a twin pack, it acts as an additional bonus for consumers to use Dove as their shampoo of choice.

Overall, an effective promotion that allows Dove to stand out from other shampoo brands.  See other blogs regarding cosmetics and promos in pharmacies.

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