Promo Hair Wrap.

Dove by Unilever is currently offering a gift box pack in Malaysia. This pack consists of a bottle of shampoo, conditioner and also a Dove branded hair wrap.

The complete packaging looks similar with printing on ribbon at the top side of the front. Matching pantone colours of the packaging and promotional hair wrap with the items gives better long term brand recognition.

The difference between a hair wrap to a body towel or face towel is mainly its size. As a face towel is too small while a body towel is too big, such hair wrap will be a perfect fit to all ladies that use them. A hair wrap usually has a button where ladies may button one of the sides of the wrap to secure it around the head.

A very well thought out promotional product – Looking at the hair care products packed together packaging also is informative re. damage therapy shampoo and conditioner – how to wrap their hair to complete the therapy etc…

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