Nestle is offering the following promotion at Woolworths Australia. Buy any 3 baking products exclusive to Woolworths and get a free activity book today.

Limited numbers makes the promotion have a high perceived value

This Food Promo using unique activity books – not only do they contain baking recipes that consumers could use, they can also be personalized.  Put your own picture on cover and use their unique stickers . This helps give consumers an emotional connect with the the product.

This picture shows how the redemption campaign works

The promotional mechanism used is a limited redemption campaign. This allows for brands to give away higher valued goods as participation is limited to goods available.

In this case, Nestle only has up to 3000 of these gifts available with online redemption. There is a counter on the website to show books remaining – this highlights the exclusivity of the promotion and encourages immediate consumer participation as well as perceived value of product.

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