There has been a recent surge in brands adopting promotional watches in their marketing campaigns in Hong Kong. Following this trend, let us bring you through the various benefits of using watches for such promotions.   We have grouped examples under following themes:

  • Hong Kong Beer Brands Case Study
  • Stand out Watch Design
  • Importance of Packaging
  • Commemorative Watch Case Study

Hong Kong Beer Brands Case Study

This trend is spearheaded by 2 major beer brands in HK right now – Heineken & San Miguel. Both are offering simple black watches, a safe choice knowing black is widely accepted and generally easy to match with any outfit.

Promo Mechanism: Buy a pack of 4 or 3 bottles of beer. Add HK$ 69.90 & HK$ 49.90 to redeem the respective watches.

Such a PWP mechanism often attracts many customers to purchase with the ease of redemption and mere amount to add on.

Stand Out Watch Design

Promotional Watch By Kit Kat

For its marketing purposes, brand logo can be prominently placed on the dial of the watch and buckle. An effective yet subtle message is often being conveyed – in this case, it’s time for beer!

Recipients are usually more susceptible to be reminded of the brand when using the watch for its purpose. 

When it comes to promotional watches, simplicity is always vital. Overly detailed watches are deemed as overpowering promotional tools, and like all apparels and bags, will be avoided. Sleek designs are often one great direction to venture into.

If you wish to stay away from mundane black, you could always experiment with quirky designs like a innovative case shape or a moving dial to stand out.

Snickers Candy Bar Watch with a moving dial - showcasing wrapper designs from 1930 - 1990

Attention to details is what keeps your brand apart from the crowd and calling your watch truly premium. See Tic Tac’s watch for a perfect example.

Promotional Watch from Tic Tac - utilize points redeem mechanism

Although simple, its logo placement was unconventional and it did not go with typical hour hands. Its strap adopted a minty green representing what the brand is known for.

Watch by Chupa Chup, famous lollipop brand - A Kids' Model Design

Importance of Packaging

A typical watch can be revamped to grab attention with its packaging. Look at this Coca Cola watch for example. Nothing special about the watch – a typical logo, black leather strap watch. But throw in the stuffed polar bear and it’s a whole new ball game now. The power of packaging is not to be undermined.

A unique packaging can make all the difference

Styles of Packaging can include:

  • Bundled with other promo gifts
  • Tin Packaging
  • Aluminium Case
  • Blister Pack
  • Leather Case
  • PU Case
  • PVC Packaging
  • With Plush Toy in Paper Mount (as above)
  • Gift with Pen

Commemorative Watch Case Study

It’s always cool when a watch tells you something more than time. Commemorative watches work really well when there is significance in giving them away to your customers. Anniversaries are thus great occasions to give them out and major companies should not miss out on this great promotional chance.

A commemorative watch - telling more than just time

Here we see a watch for the Reunification of Hong Kong to China in 1997 – it tells the recipient its history of Hong Kong and always reminds users of this memorable event. The skyline of Hong Kong on the dial is just plain gorgeous..

For your brand’s promotion/anniversary – a good quality watch done right is a great way to improve market presence and reward your loyal customers.  Watch out for the HKTDC Watch & Clock Fair in September – we will be getting more innovative ideas for you.

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