Are you always rushed by the time? Tired of looking at your watch? Why don’t you add a bit of fun into your day-to-day life with some funny promotional watches?

promotional watches

25th Anniversary Gift – Promotional Watches by Hara Kiri Magazine

Example of Hara Kiri magazine promotional watch

Hara Kiri is a satiric French magazine that has been famous for it’s really bad taste but quite funny gifts like the “nail thermometer” or the Swastika Xmas balls. For their 25th anniversary special edition, they have decided to go for these promotional watches.

promotional watches

Hara Kiri Promotional Watches – Close Up View

What really makes this promotional watch special is the fact that you don’t get the time when you look at it, you will learn what is it time for you to do. If someone ask you “What time is it?” the answer will always start by “It is time to…” followed by one of the below:

  • Eat (Noon)
  • Have a coffee (1:00pm)
  • Take a nap (2:00pm)
  • Drink a beer (3:00pm)
  • Work (finally, here it comes… 4:00pm)
  • Go to the toilet (5:00pm, don’t ask us why)
  • Take a drink after work (6:00pm)
  • Watch the TV (7:00pm)
  • Eat (8:00pm)
  • Have sex (9:00pm)
  • Go to the toilet again (10:00pm)
  • Sleep (11:00pm)

As opposed to the message that it conveys, the watch itself is actually quite high end with its genuine leather bracelet and its quartz mechanism. It’s probably not the best idea for a meeting with client but definitely great as an event giveaway or an on pack promo.

Why promotional watches are good?

There are 3 things to remember about what makes promotional watches a great corporate gift.

  1. Perceived valued: by sticking to something sober & class with a regular dial and a high-end packaging, a simple promotional watch could easily become a great end-of-the-year present for your staff/client.
  2. Visibility: how many times do you look at your watch every day? The answer will tell you how visible a logo printed on the watch will be. Plus, the fact that it’s funny makes other people look at it, which boost brand visibility.
  3. Usefulness: last but not least, a watch is useful and a fashion accessory. Promotional watches can be a very good idea for cosmetic companies for example, the use of flashy colours helping women to use the watch as a fashion accessory.

Other examples of successful promotional campaigns that have used promotional watches

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