Harry’s, an internationally renowned brand of bread and bun, is currently running a fantastic promotional campaign on Doowap products. Harry’s customer stand a chance to win a free watch.

Promotional Merchandise France - Watches by Harry's Doowap

Promotional Merchandise France – Watches by Harry’s Doowap

How to get one of those watches? First, you have to purchase three different products from Harry’s, indicated in supermarkets. Next, you need to send your recipe along with your name and address to Harry’s, and then, they will send you this watch! But you have to act fast, as there are only 5000 pieces available.

This promotion is great for Harry’s. As the gift they offer is really cool, it will certainly appeal to customers and make a good brand image of the company. Also, as people will have to purchase several items from Harry’s, this will also increase their turnover !

As you can see, this promotion is a work well done! Tell us how you feel about it and read up some more blogs :

Now a few words in French :

Avec cette promotion, Harry’s propose à ses consommateurs de gagner une des 5000 montres proposées. Comme vous pouvez le voir, le mode de fonctionnement est très simple. Il suffit d’acheter un certain nombre de produits puis de retourner ticket de caisse et adresse à Harry’s !

Cette promotion va très certainement augmenter leurs vente (achat obligatoire pour bénéficier de la promotion) et cultiver leur image de marque auprès de leurs consommateurs !