Singaporean convenience store Cheers are conducting their its latest promotional campaign right now – Skelanimal Adoption.

The promotion mechanism is a redemption campaign. With every $2 spent, a stamp will be given. Simply collect 14 stamps to redeem a free Skelanimal mini-plush.

The mini-plush itself is small and can be tied onto bags with a string attached to it – ODM have also seen Skelanimal bags for sales in other countries and these are also quite eye catching..

With a total of 10 different Skelanimals up for adoption, their inviting designs serve to attract young adults and students –  this is Cheers’ main target segment.

Going by the tagline ‘Dead Animals Need Love Too’, this promotion has already created a craze of Skelanimals Collection Island wide in less than a month.  The design has white (reflective) designs on a black background so you can see the animals shape but the skeleton base is emphasised.

Distributed throughout Singapore, the promotion is for a limited period from 4 May to 12 July. This creates exclusivity and a rush for Singaporeans to shop in order to pick up this trendy plush as soon as possible – Promo has a high perceived value.

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