Personalization and Fun Design are two winning strategies for this campaign

Nestle recently featured this cool promotion, exclusively at Coles Supermarkets in Australia.  Get a free personalized kids apron with every purchase of 3 Nestle baking products.

Promo Mechanism:

To claim your free apron, go online to

Follow these steps to complete your claim before is is Sold Out (see below).

  1. Enter the following details which can be found on your Eligible Purchase Coles purchase receipt: store name, store number, receipt number and date of purchase.
  2. Enter the last six digits from the three product barcodes from your Eligible Purchase.
  3. Enter your contact and delivery details.
  4. Nominate the name you want to feature on the front of the apron. 

The offer was valid from 16th June 2011 and closes when all 7000 valid claims were redeemed online before 12th July 2011.   This promotion proved to be extremely successful with all 7000 aprons being claimed way before the deadline despite the tedious process.

This shows how a simple promotional product with the right design can excel and work wonders for your marketing campaign. 

The frolic design of this apron shows that baking can be fun too! Encouraging kids to start baking at a young age is an idea which we believe all parents would be more than happy to embrace. Exclusivity plays a major part in its success as well, as each apron can be personalized with a name.

By stirring up interest through appeal and getting consumers to act, your brand will linger with them as there is an instant relation to the activity.

Warning:  Some customers will be disappointed at spending the effort to go online and only then finding that this promo is sold out. Fixed Fee agents can help minimise this by working with a set budget and taking the risk out of promotions.