Invitrogen is currently offering some promotional products to professionals who fill out an online questionnaire.

Offering Promotional Products to customers who take the time out to answer a few questions builds goodwill from those who are generally interested in your company.

Here the Pharma company decided to offer clients selection of 2 gifts to choose from.

  • The Plush dog pictured above is very similar to the Hana Deka designs ODM works with.  Accessorising with a Bandana allows the dog to have a more unique look and this also gives brand a great logo printing area.
  • The T-shirts are offered in multiple sizes making this a more complex product in terms of stocking and order fulfilment.   Still, excellent for logo position and gaining free advertising.   We like the Dalmation spot design, but thinking you could almost work a QR Code in here for more fun.

T-shirt as Gift with Purchase

Below is part of the online questionnaire.

Fill in form for free gift