In the promotional products market, utility and synergy are essential in making the promo campaign a success. How do you add meaning to your promotional products?  Adapting the product with innovative/adapted printing, bundling products together & choosing the right product to convey your message are key.

See the two examples below – both innovate and communicate by giving a little surprise.:

Post-it Notes – perfect solution to Hair Loss

Notepad featuring the stages of Hair Loss

Pantogar hair revitalizer and JWT Hong Kong has ingeniously made use of a custom memo pad to increase brand awareness and visibility. Each sheet torn represents a hair lost and shows how hair becomes thinner and thinner until you turn bald. With its cubed, pixel-like design, it definitely is capable of grabbing attention. Infuse a certain message to your product (direct or indirect meaning), you are able to get maximized results from your GWPs. In this case, prospective clients are constantly reminded to address the problem before it is too late.

Anti-Stress Ball for Breast Cancer

Anti-stress ball to raise awareness for Breast Cancer

The man behind this concept said – “You don’t see Breast Cancer. You feel it” And he holds true to his words as he came up with a simple and cost effective idea to bring across his message – using a stress ball. Since breast cancer is often overlooked due to ignorance, the most ideal way to ensure individuals to be on their guard constantly is to educate.

A hard solid mass is placed inside the stress ball, a ditto of a tumour growth to duplicate the feel and touch of a diagnosed breast. Alongside the stress ball, a brochure is also included to inform the various steps to conduct a self examination, encouraging early detection of breast cancer.

This promo campaign was a huge success, triggering awareness among many women and resulting in an increase in mammography (a screening tool used to examine the human breast) scheduling and consultations.

Often, creativity is used to allow your promos to stand out, but ODM feels that if your promo transcends true meaning to your recipients; educating and benefiting them, the results are just as effective.

Unforgettable promos create deep impressions like these – awareness will be etched in customers’ minds and they will thank you for it.