This promotional LED fan might be the answer to your marketing campaign issues! Why not offer it to your customers as a giveaway or a gift with purchase?

Mobile Banking is a breeze with Standard Chartered‘s newly launched mobile banking app ‘Breeze‘. From money transfers to cheque sending to transaction tracking, all can be done quickly and easily.  LED Fans were given out at a recent Web Wednesday event in Hong Kong and we expect to see lots more of these at future launch events.

Promotional LED Fan

Promotional LED Fan

We like this promo gift because it matches closely the bank’s marketing message “Breeze”. Standard Chartered wants its app users to literally feel that banking is a breeze. How better to communicate this want with this LED fan.

Besides being functional, this LED fan is a great advertising tool for the company. A combination of words or images can be customized to be displayed on the fan blades when in used.  Effects such as spinning and flashing and can also be created.

How useful is this promotional LED fan as a promo gift?

With the attractive LED light and effects, this fan is definitely attention grabbing and is able to provide free publicity for the company.

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