This illuminated LED in-store display is a fantastic choice for popular alcohol brand Bombay Sapphire. Ultilising airport space can be difficult, especially when trying to attract the thousands of potential customers who pass through everyday. In this airport’s duty free section, Bombay Sapphire have successfully made this in-store display eye-catching with its use of lighting and imagery.

LED In-store Display- By Bombay Sapphire

LED In-Store Display- By Bombay Sapphire

Using LED lighting takes advantage of the crystal blue and white colours of Bombay Sapphire’s brand and logo. This will increase brand awareness as consumers will in the future remember Bombay’s brand as being blue.

LED In-store Display- By Bombay Sapphire

LED In-store Display- By Bombay Sapphire

Also shown in this LED display are the types of drinks offered by Bombay Sapphire. This is a great way of making customers have more brand awareness of the product range, as consumers will remember that Bombay not only have the original blue bottle which is displayed, but there also other varities available.

What are the benefits of using LED in-store displays?

  • LED in-store displays can be used to make your POS Display brighter and more visible to the consumer, this makes it more likely for consumers to want to look at your product.
  • LED in-store displays take advantage of large surface areas which increase your brand awareness and exposure. This makes your brand stand out and makes it more competitive.
  • Like Bombay Sapphire have, good brand visuals will gain more customer loyalty and retention as LED screens, when used effectively, look very professional and this is associated with your companies brand.

For more ideas on how to use in-store LED displays for your brand, the ODM Group can assist you in creating designs for your promotional in-store displays.

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