We certainly love Glenfiddich’s beautiful custom whiskey bottle glorifier due to its relevance and attention-grabbing design. Their custom bottle glorifier resembles a barrel where whiskey is kept.

Whiskey Bottle Glorifier

Whiskey Bottle Glorifier


As whiskey is deemed high-end, POS displays for drinks should also uphold their brand reputation. The combination of wood and LED lighting created a stunning look. Its sleek and classy design is very much suitable for their target demographics.

Whiskey, wine, and rum are traditionally kept in an aging barrel. Doing so enhances the flavor and aroma of the drinks. Over time, the distilled spirits and wine will pick up the color and the taste of the wood. This is why the longer the drinks are stored in the barrel, the finer the taste gets. Therefore Glenfiddich’s beautiful bottle glorifier in the shape of a barrel serves as an excellent POS display for drinks. And here’s why it caught our jattention.


Reasons Glenfiddich’s Custom Whiskey Bottle Glorifier Caught My Eye!

1. Meaningful Design: The barrel symbolizes the traditional process they use in aging their scotch whiskey. It is informative as well as meaningful. This makes a good conversation starter. Passersby will be curious as to how their drinks relate to whiskey. And this could create a higher sales conversion.

Whiskey Bottle Glorifier

Whiskey Bottle Glorifier

2. High Quality Materials: Glenfiddich used wood and metal for their promotional drinks display The combination of metal and wood looks sleek and expensive. So this makes their products ideal as gifts. Moreover, the color of the wood stood out against the white background so the product stood out.

3. Proper Lighting: Because the glorifier and the whole custom POS display is well-lit, it helps direct the attention of customers to their products. They are noticeable even at great distances so they were able to create better visibility in-store.


Other Amazing Elements of Glenfiddich’s In-Store Display

Gift with Purchase Bag: The brand is offering a free bag in every purchase of their whiskey. This further entices customers to make a purchase since they will be getting something in return. By offering freebies, they encourage their customers to support them more. Considering the staying power of promotional branded bags, the company will be able to maximize their visibility beyond shop floors.

Custom Whiskey Packaging: The packaging of the whiskey products also contributed to the success of their promotion. We love the simple, yet classy custom packaging design because they reflect what the brand stands for. The packaging is sturdy and customers can re-purpose them once they finished the contents. Thus, extending their market reach and exposure.


All in all, Glenfiddich’s beautiful whiskey bottle glorifier was a good example of an effective in-store display that drives sales. They were able to get their message across and stimulated impulse purchase by appealing to their customers’ curiosity.

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