There are so many reasons to love Ballantine’s POS display. Like fine scotch whiskey, their display is the very definition of refined luxury. The combination of royal blue, black, and gold, all lend a high-end and sleek appeal. We have previously featured their unique travel retail display before, and now they surprised us with yet another stunning freestanding display design. The display is not exclusive for Ballantine’s as it also features Chivas Regal and Royal Salute.

Freestanding Display Design

Freestanding Display Design

Here’s what we like about their display.


Why We Like Ballantine’s Freestanding Display Design

Meaningful– We noticed that there are numbers all around the free-standing display unit. The numbers correspond to the age of each product. It is said that the longer the whiskey is aged, the smoother it gets. This is because the barrel where it is stored affects the taste and color of the whiskey, giving it a fruity and flavorful taste.

Freestanding Display Design

Freestanding Display Design

Color Contrast– The display’s main color palette is very distinctive. Touches of gold blend well with their main color palette of royal blue and black.

Lighting– Ballantine’s display is well lit. The numbers, even the advert is well-lit. The effect gave the branded FSDU a warm glow that is hard to miss. It makes the setup look more expensive and appealing. With so many expensive and high-quality products at the airport, it is vital to make an impact right away. The light can draw the attention of customers towards the display.

Modern Concept– Ballantine’s combined modern and classic elements in their freestanding display unit. The combination of wood and metal gives the FSDU a sleek and expensive appeal, which really resonates with their image.

Size– The display is large enough to showcase all their products. It is just the right size and is made in a way that customers can see the brand from any angle.

Freestanding Display Design

Freestanding Display Design


To conclude, Ballantine’s did a great job promoting their line of scotch whiskey. One can see the effort that goes into designing this freestanding display. It suits their image really well and more importantly, it differentiates their brand from the rest.


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