This mind-boggling end cap display is certainly one of the best marketing displays we have ever seen. The end cap display design will trick your eyes for sure. This was designed for X Men shampoo, a Vietnam based brand of health care products for men. It is also offering a gift with purchase hats!

End Cap Display Design

End Cap Display Design

We were absolutely left in awe when we spotted this unique POS display in Vietnam. It was clever in that it combines entertainment and advertising in one eye-catching display. There is a little ramp on the display with a picture of a race car, which looks as if moving towards the aisle. It was literally “lit.”


Why this End Cap Display Design Stood Out to Us?

Entertaining: The gondola end display adds an entertainment factor to the promotion. Entertainment is a great way to affect emotions and influence people’s buying behavior. When we saw this, we could not help but be amazed by the concept and the ingenuity of the end cap display design.

End Cap Display Design

End Cap Display Design

Easy to Customize: LED displays have been taking grocery stores by storm. Whether it is due to their captivating appearance or due to their customizability, marketing managers have been using LED POS displays now more than ever to augment their in-store promotion. In this example, X Men was able to get their message across in a remarkable way.

Message: Conveying your brand message is the goal of using point of sale marketing displays and X Men managed to do it through their custom end cap display design. The overall look perfectly embodies its brand image and marketing message.

Strategically Locate Your Products– Unlike the usual display, this end cap display allows customers to easily find the products. The eye-catching colors and lights will surely pull them in.

Drive Impulse Purchase This end cap targets impulse buys because it is well-placed and well-designed. When done right, POS displays not only allows merchandisers to showcase their products, but they can also serve as a source of entertainment. When customers are pleased, they may consider making additional purchases.


Why We Love the GWP Cap

X Men offers a range of health care products designed specifically for men. We love that customers are getting a free branded cap when they purchase 199.00 worth of products.

End Cap Display Design

End Cap Display Design

This is a great way to show your appreciation towards your customers. As this is a free item, customers are able to save more from their purchases. Furthermore, the caps are great for everyday use. Men can use the caps for casual outings or when running errands.

End Cap Display Design

End Cap Display Design

We noticed that the logo is embroidered, which means it will not wash off easily after repeated use. In addition, it will protect the recipient from harsh sunlight and keep their head cool all day.


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